Our customer-centric approach has helped us in diversifying our services offerings across multiple domains. The Electrification stream is just one small example of it. We work with an aim to limit the power supply disruption to the house-holds to a minimum scale.To achieve this, VRSPL Services organization always make sure that all of team members (existing and new hires) must work & adhere to our proven structured process. This includes the onsite field managers & executives.

VRSPL believe that any electrification related work requires experienced workforce for its execution. It is extremely sensitive and must be handled with caution using due diligence and care. And therefore, our Project Managers and their substitutes are tasked to provide de-briefing to all of the associates (esp. involved to perform the work) regarding the inherent risks and their counter measures. This is a mandatory requirement and doesn’t hold any exception.

The Metering Solution Division within VRSPL provides a complete range of electricity meter solutions including but not limited to multi-functional single phase and three phase meters, CT operated meters, ABT & Grid meters, DT meters, Pre-payment Meters, Smart meters, Net meters, AMI, MDAS etc.

VRSPL also undertakes turnkey power projects such as sub-station erection, laying up of transmission & distribution lines, rural electrification, switchyard, Network refurbishment, etc.

We are equipped with avant-grade manufacturing facilities, with end-to-end integration needed for transformation of plastic parts to final products, automated SMT lines, and lean assembly techniques. 

And therefore, VRSPL engineering team is confident that they can design and develop the innovative and customized solution for their clients at a very competitive price.

Our expertise in Electrification

Scheme based meter installation for families in APL (Above-Poverty-Line)

Scheme based meter installation for families in BPL (Below-Poverty-Line)

Electrical activities as part of Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS)

Transformer Installation

Electrical activities as part of Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS)