As we know that there is no better source of clean and natural energy other than the sun as it radiates more than 10, 000 times of the amount of energy that the entire world would consume annually. And with the recent advancements made in the field of the Science and Technology, the researchers have also given their recommendations to use solar energy as a substitute for fuel.

There are many advantages: First and foremost, it’s environment-friendly and probably the only source of energy that emits no noise while generating power. Secondly, it is highly modular, and scalable in nature.

Industry Experts envision that the electricity generated from the solar energy systems will have a comparative advantage over any other kind of power supply. Another plus is that it will remain free from future cost escalation, unlike other electricity generating methods or statutory bodies like Government(s). It just involves a one-time set-up cost.

The solar energy system is a boon to people and resources of remote areas such as rural hamlets, forest reserves, environmentally-sensitive areas and national parks where grid supply is not feasible.

VRSPL aims to provide Indian communities clean and cost-effective solar electricity systems. And therefore, our team is consistently working to figure out ways to minimize the initial set-up cost for bulk power generation. Our goal is to make the benefits of solar energy systems accessible to all.